Things to Carry

The things you might need on a trip like this is unlimited. However the things you will end up using is limited. While packing for the trip use, weight Vs utility ratio to decide whether or not to carry a certain item.

The best combination to have is a small haversack which you can carry on your bike and another bag in which dump things you wouldn’t need immediately. Make sure that the luggage you carry on the bike with you is waterproof.

Luggage on person

You should be carrying the following items with you on your person all the time:

» Tools

» Torch

» Pocket knife

» Matches, lighter

» Basic First aid kit with essential medicines, or your medication if you are on medication

» Vicks

» Mosquito repellent

» Water bottle with water

» Light, high energy snacks

» Spare pair of socks

» Piece of rope

» Spare bike key (you could also keep this with us or a friend)

» Camera/phone & spare power supply, chargers, memory storage devices films, tapes etc


Other Luggage

Individual needs will vary but we have found the following list to be sufficient for our preferences (apart from the clothes you wear, riding gear, and bike spares and tools):

» Five pairs of underclothes

» Five pairs of socks

» Pair of shorts

» An additional pair of jeans/cargos/trousers

» Two/three additional T shirts

» Sneakers or floaters

» Towel, Soap, Toothbrush and Toothpaste

» Free luggage space if you intend to shop/carry memorabilia from the trip